SMS welcomes Dr Senthil Arumugam
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EMBL Australia Partnership PhD Program
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Students of EMBL Australia node for Single Molecule Science
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EMBL Australia welcomes Dr Maté Biro
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What is single molecule science?
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Single Molecule Science at UNSW

UNSW’s Single Molecule Science initiative focuses on transforming medicine by providing a molecular perspective on complex biological systems and processes, encompassing biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology as well as nanotechnology and nanofabrication.

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Group leader, Dr Senthil Arumugam joins Single Molecule Science to learn how to reroute cargoes like viruses inside cells so they can be destroyed by the host, rather than cause tissue damage and...
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First year PhD student, Matt Govendir from the Biro research group (Cell Motility and Mechanobiology) took home the prize – a gift voucher and a bottle of bubbly  - of best thesis presentation....
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Using a new microscopy technique, UNSW researchers have identified the shapes of nanoparticles most effective at delivering drugs to target sites inside cells, for the greatest impact. Scientia...