Molecular Machines News Past

2016/11: Third EMBL Australia PhD Symposium

Chantal, Derrick and Ilina presented their work at the PhD symposium organized by EMBL Australia at SAHMRI, Adelaide, November 16-18, 2016. Chantal gave a talk and Derrick and Ilina presented posters.

EMBL symposium group

2016/10: ARC grant awarded to engineer the first artificial protein molecular motor

We are part of a team led by our collaborator Paul Curmi aiming to build a protein walker from scratch.

2015/10: NHMRC funding for our HIV and Actin assembly projects!

The Molecular Machines Group has received Project grant funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council: Two successful proposals are led by Till and a third one by our colloborator, Peter Gunning.

2013/11: Awarded UNSW Goldstar funding together with Prof. Paul Curmi (physics)

We are working together with Prof. Paul Curmi on a project "Coupling the cell cortex to membranes: structural basis for the activation and control of ezrin". The team has received UNSW Goldstar funding for the project!

2013/05: Till will present an invited talk at the 8th Asian Biophysics conference

Till will present an invited talk at the 8th Asian Biophysics conference

image - Molecular Machines News 2013

2013/02: Quill presents at the Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function

Quill attended and had a great time at the beach as well as presenting a poster at the conference:

image - Molecular Machines News 2013

2012/12: Summer is coming

and we are ready for a Christmas break!

Group 2012

2012/11: Till receives award Outstanding Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision

2012/11: Proteostasis and Disease Symposium

Till and Quill will be presenting at the 2012 Proteostasis and Disease Symposium 2012

2012/11: New single molecule microscope arrived!


An iMIC digital microscope capable of epi, TIRF, and FCS modes with millisecond modeswitching - from Till Photonics

2012/10: We achieve two national research funding grants!

Our group is awarded national research funding from both the medical (NHMRC) and physical (ARC) science research bodies to the order of several hundred thousand dollars! This will allow our group to expand in the near future...

image - Molecular Machines News 2012

2012/09: ComBio2012

Walid presented his work on labelling the GabR protein at the ComBio2012 conference in Adelaide

image - Molecular Machines News 2012

2012/05: Tom will visit Dr Romet-Lemonne@CNRS Paris

Tom will visit the Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Motility Lab at CNRS outside of Paris in May for two weeks to optimise experiments on actin proteins in microfluidics.

2012/03: Come join us!

We are a young, innovative research group in molecular science and are keen for PhD, Honours, Masters, and undergraduate students to come and join us on some exciting projects.  Please send us an email describing your background and we will get back to you!