EMBL Australia Partnership PhD Program now up and running

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Scientific Head, Professor James Whisstock has announced that EMBL Australia is now taking applications for their PhD program. This is an opportunity for young scientists interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary career in top research groups across Australia. Projects are available in a range of research areas from Disease models to Physics & Biophysics.

For successful candidates (nationally and internationally), fully funded PhD scholarships, top-up scholarships and travel grants are available to provide an outstanding platform to launch a successful research career and to feed a passion for science and discovery. 

With an EMBL Australia scholarship, students have the opportunity to study at any of the EMBL Australia nodes in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra.

At the EMBL Australia node of Single Molecule Science (SMS) at UNSW, Sydney, scholars will have access to new imaging and analysis technologies developed here – including unique microscopy capabilities in super-resolution, and single molecule imaging. This is an opportunity to be part of cross-disciplinary research, and gain a molecular perspective on complex biological systems and processes encompassing biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology, as well as nanotechnology.

“The students of SMS are firm believers in a happy work-life balance,” says Ph.D. student, Ailis O’Carroll. To help each other achieve this balance, they formed a society called Students of EMBL Australia node of SMS, or SEAMS.

EMBL Australia’s Partnership PhD Program is modelled on the EMBL International PhD Programme, which has been running for decades in Europe, and is considered one of the most competitive schemes of its kind.

Applications close 1 July, 2016, and shortlisted candidates will need be interviewed (in person or via Skype) between 12–22 July. Click here for more application details.

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For more details about projects available at SMS, contact Node Head, Katharina Gaus

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Date Published: 
Wednesday, 1 June 2016