Sensational Membrane Proteins

Couldn’t make it to the Biophysical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego (#BPS2020)?

Here's a highlight.

In the video below, SMS group leader Kate Poole speaks to Biophysical Society TV about membrane proteins that allow our cells to sense their surroundings – and not just mechanosensing in the cells that sense touch and pain.

As a preview to her invited talk at the symposium, she discusses the different ways that mechanically activated ion channels – like PIEZO1, TRPV4, ELKIN1 and TREK-1 – function.

She’s interested in how different cell types sort out the array of mechanical inputs they receive inside the body, particularly what is going on at the interface of cells and their surroundings.

Kate Poole is also a Senior Lecturer in UNSW’s School of Medical Sciences.

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Date Published: 
Tuesday, 18 February 2020