UNSW Scientia PhD Projects at SMS

image - Dave At PALM

Scientia PhD Scholarships – Unparalleled investment in your career

UNSW is seeking PhD candidates of exceptional quality to undertake innovative projects with the potential to change the world.

Successful applicants will be awarded a prestigious scholarship package with four years of funding, including a $40,000 stipend and up to $10,000 for career development each year.

Applicants need to identify projects of interest, and contact potential supervisors by 21 July 2017. Don't forget to send them your CV.

There are three projects available based at Single Molecule Science:

Cytotoxic T Cell Polarisation During Migration Investigated by Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy (contact Maté Biro)

Molecular Arms Race Between Host Cells and HIV (contact Till Böcking)

How do T cells make decisions? (contact Katharina Gaus)


For more details about UNSW Scientia Scholarships, click here.