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The Illuminators: Scope for Change
The Illuminators: A Scope for Change Showcase of Women Microscopists
What is single molecule science?
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UNSW Single Molecule Science

UNSW’s Single Molecule Science initiative focuses on transforming medicine by providing a molecular perspective on complex biological systems and processes, encompassing biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology as well as nanotechnology and nanofabrication.

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Image - T cells use force to destroy cancer cells
New research reveals the mechanical processes used by T cells to kill cancer cells more efficiently. As a part of our immune defences, cytotoxic T cells – or killer T cells – seek out and destroy...
Image - Bacterial pore formers pack a punch, one molecule at a time
Dynamics of how pathogenic bacteria punch through the membranes of host cells revealed with single-molecule microscopy. Using a new single-molecule technique developed at UNSW Sydney, Australian...
Artist's depiction of a DNA double helix
UNSW Sydney researchers identify physical factors that determine how quickly two DNA strands can come together, resolving a decades-old conundrum. Nanoscientists and theoretical physicists at UNSW...