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What is single molecule science?
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Single Molecule Science at UNSW

UNSW’s Single Molecule Science initiative focuses on transforming medicine by providing a molecular perspective on complex biological systems and processes, encompassing biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology as well as nanotechnology and nanofabrication.

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Image of a T cell showing T cell receptors (pink) and CD45 (green)
An ultra-precise microscope that surpasses the limitations of Nobel Prize-winning super-resolution microscopy will let scientists directly measure distances between individual molecules. UNSW medical...
Overlay microscopy image of melanoma tumour masses with and without Elkin1
A novel mechanical signalling pathway that could influence the development of cancers has been discovered in cultured melanoma cells by scientists in Sydney and Germany. UNSW Medicine researchers...
Image - Fish school by randomly copying each other, rather than following the group
An international team of researchers has revealed the mechanisms behind fish schooling – and what they found differs from what scientists had previously thought. Fish school by copying each other...