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What is single molecule science?
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UNSW Single Molecule Science

UNSW’s Single Molecule Science initiative focuses on transforming medicine by providing a molecular perspective on complex biological systems and processes, encompassing biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology as well as nanotechnology and nanofabrication.

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microscopy image of HIV particles
New anti-viral treatment hacks the virus’ protective shield. Just over a year ago, the European Union and the US Food and Drug Administration approved a new anti-retroviral drug to treat human...
Stock image of HIV taken with transmission electron microscopy.
UNSW Sydney medical scientists have cracked a mystery whose solution has long eluded researchers. UNSW medical researcher Dr David Jacques and his team have discovered how the human immunodeficiency...
Image - Powering cell transport by chance
New insights into long-haul transport of molecular cargo in mammalian cell lines revealed with super-resolution microscopy. Using live cell, single-molecule imaging in mammalian cells, UNSW Sydney...



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