Fun with students of SMS

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The students of EMBL Australia node of Single Molecule Science (SEAMS)

Local and international students from SMS have formed a society to stay socially connected and to support each other in and outside of the lab. Their recent welcome event was hugely successful. Upcoming events include social sports and a weekend retreat.

More about SEAMS

A postgraduate student society run by students of the EMBL Australia SMS! Dedicated to bringing the fun back into science.

What can SEAMS do for you?

Besides the social aspect, another role of SEAMS is performed through its elected committee. The SEAMS committee comprises six or more postgraduate students that volunteer to be part of an amazing adventure. All students are eligible and encouraged to become members of the SEAMS committee, although there are many other ways you could help out in SEAMS without taking on an official role. 

The SEAMS committee actively interacts with staff and Group Leaders of the EMBL Australia and acts as your representative at a number of institutional meetings. This allows you to have input into the running of the Graduate program and other initiatives that impinge on student issues.

Should you have any questions, problems or concerns, just contact your nearest SEAMS members and we'll help point you in the right direction. 


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Date Published: 
Tuesday, 15 March 2016